Artboard 1@2x.png

Crafted in artisan blown glass and hand-polished steel. 

This sculptural 92"H lighting creation explores the inherent aesthetic relationship between symmetry and asymmetry. "There’s a fascinating tension between these two states — rest and motion, order and chaos, simplicity and complexity — that creates its own equilibrium,” explains Levi Wilson, Hammerton founder and head of design. “Element is unquestionably asymmetric in design but its compositional elements are symmetrical. Therein lies its aesthetic power.”




While historically Hammerton has been known for creating beautifully handcrafted lighting designs in steel, the company is now gaining considerable industry attention for our unique work in glass. Over the last decade we’ve developed extensive capabilities in both blown glass and kiln- fused glass, all of which is fabricated by experienced glass artisans in our Utah facility.

Surprisingly, it’s our extensive knowledge of metal fabrication that allows us to do unusual work in glass, since we build all our jigs and tooling in-house. With deep expertise at the intersection of metal and glass fabrication, Hammerton is laying the foundation for a new era in lighting innovation.



Hammerton began as a humble blacksmith shop over two decades ago, but we’ve come a long way since then. Indeed, harnessing the full design potential of steel involves far more than a hammer and anvil.

In fact, it involves a versatile team of world class designers, engineers and artisans disciplined in a broad range of old and new fabrication processes. Time-honored skills like forging, sculpting and texturing bring hand-hewn aesthetic detail to traditional xtures, while high precision CNC machining technologies facilitate the clean lines, geometric forms and polished surfaces of contemporary designs, as well as higher quality and lower cost.