With a 25-year client roster dominated by members of the Forbes 1000 and Silicon Valley elite, interior designer Lisa Staprans has built her business on outstanding design, a commitment to authentic materials and fine craftsmanship, and an 'anything is possible' service credo.

She looks for similar principles in the artisans and craftspeople she collaborates with to bring each client's vision to life. "Our clients know how to realize big ideas, and they expect the same from us," says Staprans. "Companies like Hammerton help us deliver on that." 

To Lisa, outstanding design is all about striking the right balance between form and function. When a space effortlessly supports human activities, pleases the senses and soothes the soul, the result is what she calls 'beautiful comfort'. "It's our signature statement on every project, regardless of the style of home," Lisa says. "Clients tell us it's what attracts them to our work." 



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