Value Engineering & Project management

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Conventional wisdom would suggest that quality artisan craftsmanship rarely comes at a competitive price point. In fact, the opposite is true at Hammerton. 

Because we combine deep engineering capabilities with broad mastery of fabrication processes, we understand all the various ways that fixtures can be built to meet aesthetic and functional requirements within a given budget. Modifying designs, re-engineering components, substituting lower cost parts and simplifying aesthetic details are just a few ways we reduce labor and material costs — while maintaining the ideal level of design integrity for each project. 

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While we take enormous pride in our design, engineering and fabrication strengths, it's the Hammerton team that makes the difference.

A dedicated team of Hammerton service personnel works closely with each hospitality client — overseeing all project elements, solving problems as they arise, ensuring all product requirements are met, and managing to schedule and budget. You may even see our field service professionals on the job site, making sure installation goes without a hitch.

Bottom line, we're with each client through to successful project completion. 


Materials & Sourcing

Hand Blown Glass


Today at Hammerton we work in a wide variety of media: blown and kiln-fired glass, mesh, stone, acrylics, textiles and crystal as well as steel, aluminum, bronze, rawhide, mica, and more.

Our 50,000 square foot Salt Lake City manufacturing facility seamlessly integrates both traditional and modern tools and technologies with lean manufacturing processes to bring authentic craftsmanship and unparalleled quality to each fixture, at the best possible price.



Hammerton is proud to be one of only a few U.S. based artisan lighting manufacturers, but we offer much more than just a high quality craft-based product. We deliver a superior customer experience: fast quotation turnaround, collaborative design development, shorter and more predictable lead times, end-to-end project management, and competitive pricing that doesn't include import tariffs or overseas freight costs.

If you prefer to buy domestically but have a tight budget, give us a call. You may be pleasantly surprised to see what Hammerton can do for your next project. 


SPOTLIGHT: Glass & Metal Fabrication




we've spent two decades refining our metal fabrication skill set to serve the hospitality industry.

At Hammerton, we know that success demands a comprehensive inventory of capabilities that address design as well as functional and cost requirements.

Most importantly, it requires a versatile team of world-class artisans who are equally disciplined in old and new fabrication processes. Time-honored skills like blacksmithing, metal sculpting and texturing bring hand-hewn aesthetic detail to traditional and organic fixtures, while high-precision machining and cutting technologies facilitate the clean lines and polished surfaces of more contemporary designs, as well as higher quality and lower cost.

We routinely do short runs of high tolerance functional components and build custom tooling and jigs for rapid fixture fabrication and assembly. This enables us to stamp or mill specific fixture parts, machine field-adjustable cups, thread a tight tolerance base or arrange a cost-effective shipping configuration.

Hand Slumped Textured Glass


we're gaining considerable industry recognition for our deep capabilities in both blown and kiln-fired artisan glass. 

While our heritage is in metal fabrication, our true passion is design - and that has driven us to continuously evolve our palette of materials in directions that fully embrace leading design trends. 

We work in many materials other than metal, but glass is our material of choice. The ultimate artistic canvas, glass incorporates light, color, texture and cultural form in a singular medium that captivates the senses like no other.  

Surprisingly, it's our extensive knowledge of metal fabrication that allows us to do unusual work in glass, since we make all our jigs and tooling in-house. With deep in-house expertise at the intersection of glass and metal, Hammerton is laying the blueprint for a new era in lighting design.